Join the Conservative Campaign in Leicester

Jane Hunt (middle) with local campaigners and council candidates

The city of Leicester has a busier Thursday than most next week. As well as the national referendum, the council, the mayor and the Parliamentary seat in Leicester South are all up for grabs. Despite finishing 3rd in the general election, and with only 7 councillors to our name, the City of Leicester Conservative Association has run a well-organised campaign, spearheaded by Jane Hunt, the Parliamentary candidate and Ross Grant, the Mayoral candidate.

Jane fought in Leicester East, against Keith Vaz in the General Election in May. She managed a 5% swing to the Conservatives, and has a record of fifteen years of campaigning in Leicester and as a councillor in nearby Chalmwood. She has been vocal about her pride of her city, has ran a positive, friendly campaign and has the drive and determination to put Leicester back on the map.

Ross was the Parliamentary candidate in Leicester South last year, and is hoping to become the first directly-elected mayor of Leicester. He has been a councillor in Knighton since 2004, and he is the leader of the Conservatives on the council. He has been a formidable Opposition to the reckless Labour-run Leicester council, dogged by council tax hikes and pithy spending initiatives gone terribly wrong.

There is a lot to discuss on doorsteps, a variety of literature to hand out yet one clear message: the Conservatives will put Leicester back on the map.

– We will restore pride and identity into the City.

– Pour more money into the infrastructure, transport links and road maintenance to get the City moving again.

– Fight to keep care homes for the elderly, Sure Start centres and Glenfield Hospital open at the expense of Labour’s bureaucracy and waste.

We need man power to deliver this message to the people of Leicester. Over the long weekend, we will require volunteers to hit the streets for an hour or two. If you could spare any time at all, please contact Jane Hunt, or myself at

These two candidates are the strong voice Leicester needs, and this weekend, they need your help.