About Charlie

Charlie Edwards is a student, Conservative Party activist and member, sports journalist and amateur actor. He is the jack of all trades, and master of none. His political spleen is vented on an (almost) daily basis, and uses On The Right Wing to give a more personal angle on current affairs and the world around him than his other website, Political Promise, which was set up in January 2010- heralded as ‘the voice of the next generation’.

Charlie is currently is in his first year studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Lancaster University. He was a student at Sutton Grammar School from September 2003 – May 2010.

He tweets, knowing full well that too many tweets make a twat! And despite his love affair with political engagement through the harnessing of ‘New Media’, one of his favourite pastimes is getting a pen and paper and making lists. About nothing in particular.

In his illustrious acting career, he most recently starred in a pantomime playing Buttons in Cinderella. His credits include The Wedding Singer, Happy Chuffin’ Christmas, Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Sweet Charity. Yes, he does do children’s parties.

Charlie is a chronic West Ham fan, and features occassionally in the supporter’s magazine Over Land and Sea. His lifelong ambition is to be the West Ham stadium announcer, although fears that he could never take up the post for fear of leaving his mum alone in their seats in the Bobby Moore Stand.

Charlie’s love affair with politics subconciously started when he was delivering Conservative literature before the 1997 election. Little did he know that a decade and a bit later, he would follow current political affairs, the history and make-up of politics. He has interest in American history, modern history, classical philosophy, free-market economics and ‘compassionate’ conservatism. He is a Conservative activist, and be warned, this blog will contain some elements of Conservative Party ideology. Call him a “Tory douchebag” if you want, but I always prefer if you do it to my face.

When Charlie grows up, he wants to live in a house, a very big house in the country. No, I don’t think he’ll grow up either.

Charlie Edwards


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